Friday, July 25, 2014

Hidden crochet flowers under a wide brim and drapery

Outfit details


Part of a yellow 1950s swimsuit sunsuit set pointed bullet shape boning yellow cotton 

and yellow and cream stripe fold over strip


1990s pleated floral tea length in a possible Abraham print


Late 1940s pop out wide brim green and white striped cotton 

pops and twists into itself, forming a small compact circle to fit in any handbag or purse

Hair flowers

1960s Turkish Oya needle crochet purple and yellow flowers possibly morninglorys


The Wallace collection Georgian replicas


Revlon 24 hour 

Flower crochet heaven

Outfit details


1970s white pink orange and green lace crochet dress with flowers


1950s pale pink net and crinoline

Hair flowers

Needle crochet Turkish Oya 3 d flowers in pink and white

Phone case

Chanel perfume bottle shape


1950s sheer pastel pink blue and yellow checks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surrendering to antiquities

Outfit details


I bought two daisy golden metal headbands from primark and put them on both sides of my head, creating a point

Vest tabard

Late Victorian to early Edwardian pink flower print and fringe and pipeing on navy blue silk.


Early 1950s sun dress playsuit in a raspberry and mint green floral 


Georgian replicas from the gift shop in the Wallace collection museum


24 hour revlon

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Wallace collection revisited

Since I was very little, I have been obsessed with museum shops.  I always wondered why they never made affordable copies of the magical and relevant small pieces from the exhibitions.  It's always nerdy things like mirrors and pencils.  Finally my dream came true, and the gift shop had a section with rows and rows of affordable jewellery inspired by Georgian, Medieval, and Victorian pieces!!!!!!!   

When ever I would like to celebrate anything, I am going there with some friends to help clear the section, instead of nerdy (expected) celebratory drinks!   

I am going to be wearing all of the earrings (above) way too much!

I have done a heavily documented post already about the Wallace collection!

You can see it here

Outfit details


1950s pastel plaid pleated cotton with built in bloomers underneath


Various victorian and 1920s polka dot and floral jacquard a


1950s floral

Monday, July 14, 2014

1930s swimsuit 

Outfit details

Swimsuit worn as top

1930s red and cream striped swimsuit

Swimsuit worn as bottom

1980s safari mens swim trunks


Clear transparent plastic 


Victorian red cream and blue


1950s floral square purse

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I was so happy my Mom decided to come on my Dad's business trip to oxford.  After visiting Ehsan and I in London for dinner, I travelled back to oxford with my parents and spent a couple of days exploring the city with them.  We found a shop where the real life Alice,  Lewis carol was inspired byword frequently visit to buy sweets.  Some of the story from Alice in Wonderland  actually took place in the shop". Lewis Carroll also wrote the book in the university across the street (the pictures in the beginning with beautiful gardens). There is a very magical natural history museum with gorgeous iron work and mysterious giant glass and wood curiosity cases with a. dodo bird and an ostrich!  All the gargoyles, animals and people that decorate the exteriors and interiors of oxford universities and churches are very comical and beautiful.  I saw so many laughing creatures, willowy maidens, and mini animals scurrying along pillars, window, and doors.  If you love period movies, Harry potter, or Alice in wonderland, you should visit Oxford.

Outfit details

Two piece dress

Late 1950s blue and grey flower print


Eley Kishimoto yellow stars on sheer nylon background


Marks and spencer black patent upeers and tortoiseshell heels

Necklace worn as a headpiece

Birthday gift from my family


1950s floral

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